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BLISS POPS Loyality Program (available from 10/01/2023)

Wanting to thank customers for the trust expressed when making purchases on the www.blisspops.com website, POP CULTURE LLC (hereinafter – BLISS POPS), asks the customer to familiarize himself with the terms of loyalty offered by www.blisspops.com presented below.

By registering his profile, the customer agrees to receive and accumulate loyalty points (hereinafter BLISS points), which can be spent by paying all or part of the purchase amount. The customer’s account is recognized by the e-mail address, but BLISS POPS has the right to associate with the given customer any other account created by him by phone number, address, name and surname.

BLISS points and loyalty discounts can be received and accumulated only by registered users.

BLISS points can be obtained as follows:
1) When making a purchase, for every full 1 USD spent, the customer gets 2 (two) BLISS points. For example, for a purchase of $50 USD, the customer receives 100 BLISS points. Points can be received only for the amount of goods. No points are awarded for shipping fees.

2) By writing a review on www.blisspops.com about any of the products, in its reviews section. For each review, the customer will receive 10 BLISS points when the comment is approved. One customer may not leave more than one review for one product.

3) By sending each customer a unique “recommend a friend” link, through which the recommended person first registers an account and makes a purchase. When the recommended person has made the first purchase – the customer will receive 200 BLISS points. Using this link, you can recommend an unlimited number of people who are not existing www.blisspops.com users.

4) Using the received “recommend a friend” link, the referred customer will receive a -10% discount on the first purchase and 20 BLISS points after making the purchase. Each user can receive this discount and points only once.

BLISS points can be used:

By accumulating at least 100 BLISS points, a registered customer can use the points for partial or full payment of the order at the time of placing the order. Value of BLISS points: 100 points = 1 USD.


All points are awarded when the customer places an order.

Points have a validity period of 3 months from the moment of award, after which the points are automatically deleted.

Loyalty points cannot be exchanged for money or used to pay for another person’s order. BLISS points can only be used by natural persons.

In addition, the website www.blisspops.com can create special periods of accumulation conditions or offers, where it is possible to obtain additional points by making certain purchases or activities. The conditions of the special offers will be additionally published on the website www.blisspops.com and sent out in the best offers to customers who have signed up to receive our best offers.

BLISS POPS reserves the right to correct the number of users’ points, as well as to limit access to the loyalty program, if its misuse by using several customer accounts at the same time has been detected.

In case of uncertainty, please contact us: orders@blisspops.com