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Do you have dairy-free options?

Yeah, most of our flavors are dairy-free, there are labels on packaging, product photos and descriptions.

Do you have sugar-free ice pops?

For now all of our pops have sugar in them, but we’ll create a sugar-free option soon. Let us know what kind of flavor & sweetener you would like for us to use.

What's Flavor of the Month?

Every month we prepare a special ice pop flavor from seasonal / local products. This flavor is ONLY available on our page and no other store. We prepare only a limited quantity and this flavor changes every month. Check out the Flavor of the Month in the shop section!

Is the packaging biodegradable?

Not at the moment. Since the compostable material processing and management infrastructure is not developed enough, the “ecological” versions of bioplastic packaging that composts industrially are not really friendly yet. That’s why we use plastic packaging for now.

But it is our priority that the packaging in the future be made of biodegradable materials or easily recycled. Until then, we invite our customers to dispose of the clean packaging in plastic containers for recycling.

Are the ice pops gluten-free?

Most of the flavors are gluten-free. But to be sure, always check the ingredients list on products pages to see the allergen list.


How do you deliver?

1.Choose ice pops and enter the delivery place and time most convenient for you.
2.On the day of delivery, you will receive a text with the delivery ETA in the time period specified by you.
3.On arrival our courier will call you and hand you the order.

More info in the Delivery section.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver in the inner Bay Area. See the delivery zones here.

Can I pick up my order?

Yeah, sure! Put it in the order notes, that you would like to pick it up. And we’ll contact you!

How much is the delivery?

Delivery cost is $7 USD. For orders $50+ you get free delivery!

Why can the delivery be postponed/cancelled?

Delivery may be rescheduled or canceled if:

You have specified delivery to another city on an inappropriate delivery day;
You have not provided a correct or incomplete address;
You have placed an order later than the previous day at 8 PM
It is impossible to contact you to clarify the data or to deliver the order at a given moment.
You have not made a payment indicating prepayment.

Can I change the order, its delivery time and place?

Yes, please change it no later than the day before delivery by 8 PM.

To change/add order, payment method and delivery information – send an e-mail to orders@blisspops.com